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GHOST Day: AMLC aims at creating a friendly and vivid space for the exchange of experiences between machine learning practitioners and, most importantly, for an effective update of knowledge in the rapidly changing discipline of data analysis.

Our speakers include recognized representatives of the scientific community publishing at top-tier global conferences such as NeurIPS or ICML, and many experts from leading companies building machine learning-based products.

With the help of prestigious machine learning research centers and companies we've manage to organize 3 editions of the conference in the past, all of which were met with astoundingly positive feedback, both from the attendees as well as speakers and partners. You can find out more details about speakers and topics from our past events by navigating the top menu bar.

This time, GHOST Day: Applied Machine Learning Conference 2023 will be held at the Lecture Center of Poznań University of Technology (Piotrowo 2, Poznań, Poland), on April 21-22. Be sure to follow our announcements on social media (scroll to the bottom for links) to get constant updates, or contact us with any questions at ghost@put.poznan.pl


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