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'20 edition

Two days, 4 keynotes, 32 talks, and over 350 attendees from Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. The second edition of GHOST Day: AMLC was conducted fully online, which has its benefits and drawbacks. This year's goal was to make the most of the benefits!

Two conference days allowed us to host world-class researchers from Google Deepmind, Facebook AI, IBM Research, and Cosmose. As invited speakers, we gathered outstanding practitioners from a variety of organizations including Amazon TTS Research, NVIDIA, and Google London. Leading ML event isn't complete without the presence of top-notch members of academia from New York University, University of Adelaide, Australia, and Poznań University of Technology. As in the former edition, we gave the stage to the start-up scene and innovative students working with technologies ranging from ML in medicine to explainable AI. During coffee and lunch breaks, attendees had the opportunity to follow panel discussions on topics related to AI.

Thanks to GHOST Day: AMLC, late October of 2020 was significant for the Polish machine learning scene!

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20' organization committee

  • Hanna Klimczak, Kamil Pluciński (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Ewa Fengler (Sponsors Coordinator)
  • Jędrzej Kopiszka, Adam Gorgoń, Alex Terentowicz (Program Coordinators)
  • Mateusz Lango (GHOST Tutor)
  • Damian Horna, Sławomir Pioroński (Finance Coordinators)
  • Piotr Wyrwiński (Logistics Coordinator)