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'23 edition

Spanning two exhilarating days and featuring an impressive lineup of keynote presentations, over 30 stimulating talks, and a diverse and dynamic audience numbering in the hundreds, the fourth installment of GHOST Day: AMLC once again redefined the machine learning community experience. Building upon the resounding success of the previous event, which, for the third time, took place entirely in the online realm, we amplified our efforts, forging partnerships with twice as many businesses and delivering an even richer tapestry of insights from globally renowned speakers.

Across the two conference days, we had the privilege of hosting trailblazing researchers representing industry titans such as Allegro, Amazon, Deepsense, Ideas, Intel, Oerasibm Roche, and a plethora of others. Recognizing the vital importance of academic representation, we were honored to welcome esteemed members hailing from prestigious institutions like Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

The thematic sessions on offer spanned a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from NLP and TTS to Theory and Architecture of ML. In keeping with tradition, we provided an invaluable platform for emerging researchers during the Students' session. In the brief interludes between sessions, our engaged audience actively participated in enriching panel discussions.

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