GHOST Day: AMLC aims at creating a friendly and vivid space for the exchange of experiences between machine learning practitioners and, most importantly, for an effective update of knowledge in the rapidly changing discipline of data analysis.

Our speakers include recognized representatives of the scientific community publishing at top-tier global conferences such as NeurIPS or ICML, and many experts from leading companies building machine learning-based products.

GHOST Day: AMLC 2023 is organized as a part of REUNICE project (EUNICE European University Alliance). REUNICE aims at promoting cooperation between universities, open science, and collaboration with the industry while having in mind sustainability. It puts high pressure on reaching excellence in education, research, and innovation through diversity, inclusiveness, and gender equality. REUNICE responds to the principles of serving the global and local communities by building effective partnerships between science and society as well as creating a comprehensive involvement of the public sphere and the authorities.


The conference is not focused on any specific programming language or technology, but on the techniques, methods, and algorithms. It is also a gateway for talented engineers wanting to enter the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. We give our guests the opportunity to meet companies operating in the industry, participate in presentations at an intermediate level, and present their own projects during the poster session.


Group of Horribly Optimistic STatisticians (GHOST) is a student organization with roots at Poznań University of Technology focused on conducting research and studying machine learning. GHOST is divided into study groups focused on fields like TinyML, Probabilistic modeling, or NLP. You may have also heard about us at various hackathons (we are good at them :)), Kaggle competitions, and other conferences.


The conference normally takes place at Poznań University of Technology – leader of EUNICE, the European University and one of the two Polish institutions ranked in prestigious Shanghai Ranking 2019 in Computer Science Engineering (on positions 401-500, ex aequo with University of Warsaw) and the first Polish higher education institution offering bachelor degree studies on Artificial Intelligence.


Jakub Krym

Karol Cyganik

Joanna Cicha

Alex Terentowicz

Dmytro Romaniv

Łukasz Sztukiewicz

Eliza Czaplicka

Michał Wiliński

Alicja Kasicka

Jędrzej Kopiszka

Mikołaj Skrzypczak

Zuzanna Gawrysiak

Maksim Likhaivanenka

Zuzanna Drużyńska

Alicja Miłoszewska

Jagoda Janowska

Oskar Kałuziak

Szymon Czajkowski

Bogumiła Walkowiak

Jacek Karolczak

Cezary Kubiak

Michał Zawieja

Mateusz Lango

Piotr Wyrwiński

Konrad Szewczyk

The conference is organized as a part of REUNICE project (EUNICE European University).