The organizers of the “GHOST Day: AMLC” conference aim at creating a friendly and vivid space for the exchange of experiences between machine learning practitioners and, most importantly, for an effective update of knowledge in the rapidly changing discipline of data analysis. To this end, conference speakers will include recognized representatives of the scientific community publishing at top-tier global conferences such as NeurIPS or ICML and many experts from leading companies building machine learning-based products. During the talks, methods for dealing with practical machine learning problems will be presented. Both large companies such as IBM, Intel, PSI, Allegro, Pearson as well as startups such as Logic.AI, Tooploox or StethoMe expressed interest in participating in the event.


Unlike other events regarding machine learning applications, the conference will not be focused on any specific programming technology (e.g. R or python), but on the techniques, methods, and algorithms. The conference also wants to create a gateway for interested software developers and other talented peoples who want to enter the fascinating world of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to give these people the opportunity to meet companies operating in the industry, participate in presentations at an intermediate level and to present their own projects during a poster session. The conference will be held on 8th November 2019 in the modern facilities of Poznań University of Technology – one of the two Polish institutions ranked in prestigious Shanghai Ranking 2019 in Computer Science Engineering (on positions 401-500, ex aequo with University of Warsaw) and the first Polish higher education institution offering bachelor degree studies on Artificial Intelligence.


The conference venue is the university campus at the riverside, located close to the historical center of Poznan (Address: Lecture and Conference Centre, Poznan University of Technology, Piotrowo 2, Poznań). The organizers will prepare a pool of approx. 350 free tickets for conference participants and plan to have an opening lecture, three parallel presentation tracks, lunch and coffee breaks, and – depending on the number of applications – a poster session during which participants will be able to present their machine learning projects and attract the interest of business and academia representatives. The topis of talks will range from natural language processing and computer vision to theoretically-motivated pure learning algorithms. The presentations will be given either in Polish or in English.


The conference is organized by Group of Horribly Optimistic STatisticians (GHOST), a machine learning research student group operating at Faculty of Computing, Poznań University of Technology. The group gathers talented students and graduates interested in deepening their understanding of machine learning algorithms. GHOST organizes advanced lectures, works on machine learning projects (including internships), participates in data competitions and provides a unique environment for meeting and working with peoples fascinated by the recent progress in artificial intelligence.

Organization Committee

  • Adam Czyżewski (Marketing Coordinator)
  • Tomasz Jósiak (Web Developer)
  • Zuzanna Kocur (Program Coordinator)
  • Mateusz Lango (GHOST Tutor)
  • Piotr Miara (Finance Coordinator)
  • Magda Miara (Logistics Coordinator)