Ghost Chase

Are you brave enough to chase ghosts? Somewhere in the conference area, they left ghastly tricky tasks. Only those who don’t get lost in random forests and have more wisdom than ChatGPT can succeed.

Look for the QR codes, scan them and provide correct answers to win recognition of the ghosts. Remember to use the same email address as for the conference registration for each task. You can submit the answer only once for each QR code. The order of completing the tasks doesn’t matter.

Here is what a sample task looks like:

There are 10 of them, and providing the largest number of correct answers will grant you glory. You have time till 2 PM, Saturday.
The ceremony with awards for the bravest ones will happen during the closing session— remember to be there!

Any trouble? Contact GHOST Day organizers and ask for Zuzanna Gawrysiak.